If you happen to be in the Washington D.C. area next February and are tired of seeing the usual tourist sites like The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument or The White House, I've got an event you may want to take in -- especially if you're a fan of Hollywood executives pushing their agendas and complaining about how technological innovation, among other things, is destroying their bottom line. What not-to-be-missed event am I talking about? Glad you asked. Please, read on.

On February 9th, 2007 the motion picture industry will begin its assault on the new congress by staging a daylong series of conferences called "The Business of Show Business" designed to "educate" law and policy makers about how great and important the entertainment industry is. Dan Glickman, MPAA CEO had this to say about the event: "Policymakers need to understand more clearly the economic power of the movies, the incredible risk and investment involved in making a movie and challenges we face as an industry. An important event such as this is long overdue in Washington."

Some of the items on the agenda for the event include panel discussions on such topics as entertainment in the digital age, the impact of piracy and the economics of show business. Speakers at the event representing Hollywood and its interests include Peter Chernin, chairman and CEO of Fox, Michael Lynton, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures, Barry Meyer, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. and Ron Meyer, president and COO of Universal. So, powerful people with really long titles who basically run Hollywood -- and who have the most to lose if the industry continues to go South (economically speaking). In truth, I have a hard time feeling sorry for the studios because, in many ways, they are the cause of their own problems. But no matter what your feelings about the current state of Hollywood, this event really sounds like a good time, doesn't it? Sign me up.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]
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