It's not so unusual to see a feature film developed into a TV show, but when the film in question is an indie pic, grossed only $25 million at the box office (which, mind you, is pretty damn good) and revolved around a man whose job it was to do PR for big tobacco, well, that's pretty unusual. NBC, who recently brought Friday Night Lights to the small screen, will be doing the same for Jason Reitman's Thank You for Smoking -- however, Reitman himself does not appear to be involved.

Instead, Rick Cleveland (Six Feet Under, The West Wing) has come onbard to write and exec produce, and David O. Sacks (who produced the film version) will also exec produce. Pic, which was based on a novel by Christopher Buckley (who will serve as a consulting producer on the TV show), told the story of Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), a man desperately trying to balance his job as a spin-doctor for big tobacco and his responsibilities as a dad. The TV version will pick up where the film left off; Nick will be running his own firm where clients could include "fast food companies, environmental polluters or politicos caught with their pants down." Pretty much, when someone with deep pockets finds themselves wrapped up in a PR nightmare, Naylor is the guy you hire to make things right. No word yet on casting, but there's a good chance Eckhart will not reprise his role.

Man, there's so many ways they can go with this, but it really will depend on who they get to play Naylor. Any suggestions?