As a longtime reader of, I've come to appreciate the website as a thorough, passionate and entirely trustworthy resource -- but their latest "scoop" is almost too delicious to bear. Now, I know we're all really upset about Peter Jackson stepping away from New Line's (eventually) impending Hobbit movie(s), but that's life in the big city, kids. Nobody would have done Tolkien's The Hobbit cinematic justice the way Jackson & Company would have, but it looks like we have to chin up and look forward to new possibilities ... like Sam Raimi perhaps?

Not at all dissimilar to Jackson himself, Mr. Raimi got his start with a few (very) well-received indie horror flicks before puttering around with some studio success and finally hitting paydirt with a mega-tentpole ultra-trilogy. And is reporting that Raimi is being courted for the Hobbit gig. Heck, if New Line is trying to win the fans over after the Jackson disappointment, they sure seem to be getting off on the right foot. It's all speculation at this point, of course, but it sure is fun to imagine what Sam Raimi would do with a tale like The Hobbit.

For those too young to remember past the Spider-Mantrilogy, Sam Raimi's filmography remains a colorful one indeed: After making a few splashes with The Evil Dead (1981) and Evil Dead 2 (1987), with the truly bizarre and annoyingly obscureCrimewave (1985) tucked in between, the filmmaker moved on to Darkman (1990), Army of Darkness (1992), The Quick and the Dead (1995), A Simple Plan (1998), For Love of the Game (1999) and The Gift (2000) before Spidey finally came a'callin'.

So it might just all be a ridiuclous rumor, but a fun one nonetheless. I just want to know how Raimi's going to wedge Bruce Campbell into The Hobbit. Heh.
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