Just when you thought the entire Bond hub-ub had finally ended! The poor film has been through a lot, what with Daniel Craig complaints, speculation, and finally unabashed praise. Perhaps the filmmakers were too distracted by the uproar that Craig's casting created to notice the flubs throughout the film. Starpulse has reported that CasinoRoyale is already in the Top-20 of mistake-filled films on MovieMistakes.com.

This is notable on its own since flubs are usually caught on DVD. The more you view, the more you catch, and with pausing, zooming and the like, it's hard for someone to not find a flub. However, Royale just hit theatres, and the mistakes are already pouring in. Unfortunately, this isn't just a case of an errant shadow or other hard-to-notice blunders. The Bond film has managed to rack up both small and large slips.

Some people will note that there are errant signs and icons in Czech, as the movie was filmed in the CzechRepublic. Many more will probably never even notice. However, there is one that surprises me. During the first poker scene, Bond supposedly checked when it was another man's turn. Now I can understand lapses in continuity, but Bond and the Casino should understand the basics of poker! Were you able to spot any mistakes in the midst of Craig's beefy pecs?

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