The holiday season has us in its icy talons once again. No, I'm not one of those bah-humbug types, but the initial wave of Christmas-related commercials is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It's like the media is ordering me to be jolly, and they mean NOW! Back off, Target. Slow down, Coca Cola. I will make merry in my own good time. Revving up the Christmas juggernaut before we're even done with Thanksgiving is like having Charlton Heston discover the Statue of Liberty at the beginning of the movie. I'm in favor of giving the holiday season a more contemplative start. I'd prefer to be wished a happy holiday by real people before I hear it from major corporations.

Did someone say wish? Cool. Cause that's the theme for this week's Trailer Park.

  • Evan Almighty
    Who hasn't wished they had all the answers, and what better way to get them than to talk to God? Now here's a twist. We've seen plenty of sequels where the star of the original said "no thanks" so the studio had to settle for second best. In the case of Evan Almighty, sequel to the Jim Carrey vehicle Bruce Almighty, it looks like the studio may have traded up. Steve Carrel, star of The 40 Year Old Virgin and NBC's The Office, has been tapped to do the Lord's work this time, and these days his star is shining brighter than Mr. Carrey's. Rather than being granted limitless power like Bruce, Evan, a supporting character from the original, is charged with building an ark. Morgan Freeman returns as the fatherly supreme being with a warm sense of humor. Check out another take on this trailer from Cinematical's own Erik Davis.