Who doesn't like vampires? These days, they are a vehicle for so many aspects of life. The blood suckers have allowed us to show some sexy male love with the likes of Interview with a Vampire, and let out all sorts of teenage angst with BuffySummers. Although zombies are making a popular rise in media these days, vamps still have a solid bite in the action. If you have an IV into vamp culture, and are all excited to see the upcoming Alaskan vampire movie 30 Days of Night, you should head over to the Ghost House Pictures website. They've been putting up a slew of behind-the-scenes video clips. There's a little bit on-location scouting, word from the creator, the producers, and even director David Slade.

What it is missing, however, is much on the actual filming and actors. There is no word from Josh Hartnett about his obsession with movies that use numbers in their titles, or footage of co-stars Melissa George and Danny Huston. While it is easy to understand wanting to keep some things under wraps, a visit to make-up or a short clip of a scene in the midst of the cameras and creators would be nice. Right now, the video bytes are reminiscent of a mediocre DVD commentary, but it would be so easy to make it a special feature fiesta. Then again, how much should we know about the movies we're waiting for? When do special treats become irreparable spoilers?

[via Coming Soon]

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