I really don't know where I stand on Brittany Murphy. I actually watched Almost Home for lack of something better to do. When she made her way to Clueless, she seemed fun, but I think my interest waned with her weight. However, I found myself seeing Love and Other Disasters at TIFF, and was actually entertained. I'm not sure if it was the movie itself, the crappy film I had seen earlier in the day, or if I was under the influence of fan girl exuberance. Regardless, I'm actually intrigued by her upcoming movie, Ramen Girl.

Earlier this year, Erik Davis shared castingnews. Now, Movies Online has released part of an interview they conducted with the waif. While the short synopsis does the film no justice, it sounds like more than a bubble-gun remake of Lost in Translation. The start is typical -- girl follows boy to foreign country, he goes off and girl is left to her own devices. After a little wandering, she decides to learn the art of ramen, which is news to me, since my ramen knowledge goes no further than Montana going nuts for it on the Real World: Boston.

I'm sure this is still sounding sketchy, so let me throw in the twist: Since it takes place in Japan, half of the film will be in Japanese, and according to Murphy, she's the only one speaking English for most of it. If she can throw off the silly, romantic comedy gimmicks that seem to hover around her like Pig-Pen's dirt, she might be able to make something new of her career.

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