In-between incensing comic book fans everywhere and the controversy over his being cast as the Joker; Heath Ledger has let one of his projects fall by the wayside. Ledger had been set to star in the film Dirt Music with Rachel Weisz, from Australian director Philip Noyce, but it looks like Ledger's commitment to Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight is going to take priority.

Director Philip Noyce (Rabbit Proof Fence) has announced that Ledger is officially off the film adaptation of Tom Winton's novel of the same name. Noyce was pretty direct about he reason for the casting change "He's doing The Joker, instead". The story centers on an alcoholic mother and wife of the local bigwig of a fishing town who is drawn to a tortured widower. Despite Ledger dropping out from the project, Noyce is still planning on going ahead with the film with Weisz still attached. This isn't the first casting shake-up for Noyce, the first was the loss of Nicole Kidman, who had been originally attached to play Weisz's role. Noyce didn't give any hints as to who he had in mind to replace Ledger, but since Noyce's film has been in production for a while now, I'm sure recasting will begin as soon as possible.

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