I'm not sure how Dolly Parton does it. Despite being the spitting image of an older Barbie, and being a popular Country singer, I still like her. While I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a fan, she definitely holds a place in my heart -- whether she is shocking people with a cover of Stairway to Heaven, running The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, or tying up the snarky Dabney Coleman in 9 to 5. She's got spunk. However, I do hope that my Darling Dolly gets rid of that spiky hair. It's a 'do I had in the fourth grade.

Starpulse has reported that Kristin Chenoweth has gotten a big thumbs-up to play Dolly in a biopic -- from the Smokey Mountain Songbird herself. Chenoweth, who made a name for herself on The West Wing, has had increasingly more prominent roles in film over the past few months, going from an anchorwoman in Stranger Than Fiction to fourth-billed in the new Deck the Halls. Apparently, Dolly will talk to her people, who will likely talk to Chenoweth's people, and it will be a whole people-filled communication fest. This might all be a pipe dream, but I for one would love to see Chenoweth in Dolly's bouffant 'fro from the eighties.

The film seems to only be in the beginning conception stages, but I wonder if it could really come to life. The really notable music biopics containheart-wrenchingstories and other drama. Would creators be able to make a tune we could really sink our cinematic teeth into? Furthermore, do you think Kristin Chenoweth the right choice, or is Ms. Parton totally missing the mark?

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