It looks like Richard Curtis learned his lesson when it came to making sappy middle-aged romantic fare, because he has promised that his next comedy project would be what Curtis describes as "Animal House meets Titanic" -- not exactly what you would expect from the guy who made Notting Hill andBridget Jones's Diary. Curtis' last film was Love, Actually – an inter-connected series of stories about love and romance for the 30-or-older set. The film did respectable business at the box office but it was hardly an honorary member of the Four Weddings and a Funeral club in terms of popularity.

Empire reports that Curtis has selected his next directorial project, a film titled The Boat That Rocked. The pic focuses on a radio station that operates at sea (which I would assume is where the Titanic reference comes in, but I hope he's referring to the romance and not the sinking). Details are still sketchy on the project and Curtis hasn't committed to any casting details. Before Curtis became known as the maker of polite romances, he was a writer on The Black Adder series starring Rowan Atkinson. Well, if nothing else, it proves that the man knows funny, and not just warm and fuzzy funny either, but honest-to-goodness funny.
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