Keisha Castle-Hughes has had quite a life so far -- and she's only sixteen. You probably know her as the smiling face of the Whale Rider, which not only earned her an Oscar nomination, but also made her the youngest person ever nominated as a lead actress. Now, she's playing the young Mother Mary in the upcoming The Nativity Story. You've seen the preview right? There's some feet, some shrouded people, and a whole lot of flying dust?

Well, her current role is not what's making waves in the news world: It's her pregnancy. In an epically coincidental case of life immediately imitating art, the young girl is about to follow Mary's footsteps, without the parthenogenesis.* As if a childhood pregnancy isn't enough to deal with, there are competing stories of Papal displeasure. Although the official word is that the Pope has always had other commitments in and never planned to be at the Vatican premiere, other rumblings say otherwise -- that the Pope is quite disapproving of the young girl's un-wed pregnancy.

Personally, I think a minor getting pregnant is a lot more worrisome than it being out of wedlock, but we're talking about religion, not rationality. If the rumors are true, and the Church is pissed about her actions, I would assume they don't know about Catherine Hardwick's other films -- namely Thirteen, with its almost pre-teen sex, drugs and crime.

*Thanks Lauren, for pointing out the misconception about the Immaculate Conception. The Catholic teachings of my youth are obviously foggier than I thought! My apologies.

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