Jean-Claude Van Damme really messed up a good thing. I can't imagine growing up without his many martial arts movies. With his moistened pecs and hero-like resolve, he ruled B- movie aggression in a way that Lundgren and Segal could never imagine. I thought my mother was crazy when she wanted to pick up one of his films, but soon I ate my words. He kicked Kumite ass, took on the creepy Tong Po, and even gave us some double action. However, none of these come close to the power of Cyborg, my sci-fi favorite. Bender!!!!

Anyhow, I couldn't stop laughing this morning when I read a bit of news by way of Empire. Earlier this year, we reported that Van Damme was rumored to be starring with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the pointless third edition to Rush Hour. Well, the muscle man apparently came clean with Empire. No, he will not be the villain in the third film. Why? Because he made it up!

Oh, Jean-Claude -- I know that these last ten years have been rough for you, from bad movie choices to stripper shenanigans, but do you really have to publically imagine a different film life for yourself? According to the once-Street Fighter, he wouldn't want to do a comedy like Rush Hour, but rather one like Lethal Weapon. Maybe that's the Muscle from Brussels being a little big for his current britches, but with the current state of Gibson, maybe it isn't as silly as it sounds!

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