As big fans of the Superman franchise know, the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the film will be released this week. The conceptual powers that be who came up with this collection were smart, making it one epic release that might make up for Supe's return not living up to expectations. Warner Brothers has already advertised about the set's impressive list of films and features, getting blood racing for Tuesday when fans descend on their local DVD store.

Unfortunately, they will be surprised to see what the edition really contains. Sure, it contains every movie, including old cartoons.* However, according to DVD Active, Warner Brothers has made a large technical mistake. Not only is the release is missing the Dolby soundtrack for Superman: The Movie, but it also includes the wrong DVD* version of Superman III. Although it has been advertised that the Deluxe Edition of the third film will be included, one that has a commentary, a TV special, and additional scenes, the large set only includes the original, bare-bones release.

Of all the DVDs I have bought over the years, only one has had a big technical issue, and that was the Heathers Special Edition Tin. I find it funny that when DVD issues come up, it seems to happen most often with the special releases -- remember Back to the Future? While flubs happen, I'm surprised things weren't triple-quadruple checked to make sure the release was put together was planned. It's the big fans who are going to buy these huge, expensive editions, and they're the last people to anger with big release mistakes.

[via Cinema Blend]

EDIT: As Scott posted below, Warner Brothers has issued a response. You can call 800-553-6937 to get the appropriate discs. More information is available at

* Thanks lp, for the tip about Supergirl. Although it showed up in some sources, it is not a part of the ultimate release.
*"DVD" was added to the post to clear up confusion. While we may wish there was an alternate to III, this only refers to the little shiny disc. - MB