Well, it looks like The Hollywood Foreign Press will be shaking things up come Golden Globes time, as their eligibility committee just announced who will be designated what and where as it pertains to the top awards. The main issue thus far has revolved around what to do with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. Warner Bros. has been pushing for both men to be recognized in supporting roles for The Departed (going so far as to list them as such in those "For Your Consideration" advertisements) in order to steer clear of their buzzed-about starring roles in Blood Diamond (for Leo) and The Good Shepherd (for Damon). Guess what? It ain't gonna happen.

HFPA will consider their roles in The Departed as leads (which certainly makes sense), while Jack Nicholson has been stuffed down into the supporting category. This means there's a possibility we could see DiCaprio and Damon dominate four spots (out of five) in the Best Actor (Drama) category at the Globes. Another shocker is that, despite being only 10 years old, Abigail Breslin will be put in the lead spot for her performance in Little Miss Sunshine, even though Fox Searchlight has been campaigning her in the supporting spot. However, Dreamworks/Paramount has to be happy after HFPA agreed to classify Jennifer Hudson's much-buzzed about debut peformance in Dreamgirls as supporting, while Beyoncé Knowles will take lead. Head on over to The Envelope for a few other notable category classifications. Nominations for the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be announced on December 14, with the ceremony itself taking place on January 15.