A recent political column by Michael Moore is circulating around various movie-related sites: for example, Jeffrey Wells posted a copy at Hollywood Elsewhere, and Anne Thompson posted it on the Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog. The column is entitled "Cut and Run: The Only Brave Thing to Do" and it's not about editing chase scenes in films, either. Moore would like the U.S. troops out of Iraq as soon as possible, and he's urging the Democrat-majority Congress to take immediate action.

It's not a bad column, although a bit obvious at times, but I had two questions after seeing it excerpted in the above locations: First of all, why is this appearing on film-related sites? Moore is a filmmaker, but the column has nothing to do with his movies or with the movie industry. (And why republish the entire column, instead of excerpting and then linking to Moore's site?) It's not as though he were a filmmaker or actor who only occasionally dabbles in politics, which might be newsworthy in the film biz; this is business as usual for Moore. However, since blogs are supposed to be free-and-easy and not limited to mainstream rules, I suppose film sites can occasionally veer into politics.

More importantly, though, why is Moore dilly-dallying with all this column writing when he's got at least two films to get out of the door? He's supposed to be finishing Sicko, his documentary about the American health-care industry, which is supposed to be released sometime next summer. And he also needs to complete The Great Slacker '04 Uprising, about Moore's travels during the 2004 Presidential campaign, although no release date (or year) has been set for that film. Finally, Moore has been selected as one of the guest curators for the "Power of Ten" series at the Full Frame Documentary Festival next April, and he needs to get cracking on that -- I'm hoping to attend the festival and I don't want him slacking on his programming duties. Although I am not always a fan of Moore's films, I'd like him to put down the keyboard, take a break from the column writing, and get back behind the camera and in the editing suite. I want to see those movies in the next year, mister, and I don't mean maybe. (For inspiration, look at how quickly Spike Lee made When the Levees Broke.)
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