Happy Feet, as we all know, has so far done quite well at the box office, holding the top spot two weeks in a row and crossing the $100 million mark in only 10 days. By pretty much any measure, the film is a financial success. Parents are certainly lining up at the box office to take their tykes to see the penguin flick -- a no-brainer of a choice in a weekend of otherwise lame family fare like the dreadful Deck the Halls -- but are they happy once they've seen it?

I've been fascinated by the comments people are leaving on my review of Happy Feet; rarely do we get so many comments on a review of any film, much less a kiddie flick. I was even more surprised to see how many parents were in agreement with me that, with its sexual overtones and environmental heavy-handedness, the film is inappropriately marketed to young children. So here are my questions to all you parents out there who took your kids to see Happy Feet (and there must be a lot of you, judging from that $100 million in box office receipts, so don't be shy): After seeing Happy Feet with your kids, were you happy? Did you feel the film was appropriately marketed to young children? And what ages are the kids you took to see the film?

Personally, I think the box office results are misleading. I think a lot a people took their kids to see Happy Feet based on it being marketed so heavily to kids as a simple, cute, little story about a dancing penguin, and ended up steamed at the the overt sexuality in the film, the environmental message, or both -- but I could be wrong here. So let me know what you think, folks. Was Happy Feet the best kids' film of the year, or was it all wet?