Frankly, I've no freaking idea how it took so long to happen, but it looks like a big swanky movie version of The Smurfs is scheduled to hit the silver screen within the next few years. I realize this is the sort of project that may make you roll your eyes and deliver a derisive snort from not one but both nostrils, but producer Jordan Kerner recently shared some insights and ideas with ... and the guy does have some pretty cool concepts for the inevitably Smurfy blockbuster. Among the things promised by Mr. Kerner:

  • The Paramount production will be done in 3-D style CGI, not at all unlike those Shrek flicks.
  • The plan is to do a full trilogy, one that fills in all the "holes" of the TV series.
  • The folks who presently run the little blue juggernaut originally created by the late Peyo -- "loved" the ideas that Kerner & Co. came up with. And since the guy was pursuing the movie rights for about half a decade, I guess one could take that reaction as a good sign. (Or at least a potentially profitable one.)
  • The producer wants the Smurfs trilogy to feel like a lighter and goofier version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: Epic and adventure-packed, but still sweet and silly.
  • Regarding the nefarious Gargamel, we're promised a lot of backstory on the villain ... plus it seems that the fantastic John Lithgow is being considered for the role.
So there's what we have so far. As a guy who grew up during the crest of the Smurfenomena, I'm quite familiar with these little blue buggers -- even if I'm not exactly what you'd call a Smurficionado. But I'll be honest: My opinion of this burgeoning movie project has gone up just a little bit since hearing what Kerner's approach may be.

But then the guy had to go and kinda ruin it by promising the world a movie called The Mighty Ducks 4.
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