I will admit that at first, I didn't want to see The Host. As much as I love camp, I wasn't prepared to use one of my TIFF slots on it. However, after a long day of films, I was offered a ticket to the Midnight Madness showing and was very glad that I went and entered Cinematical's ringofHostappreciators. It was a puzzle of strangely-shaped pieces that fit together in the way most horror films don't. As the giant killer tadpole gets ready to attack US screens, it will do so as an award winner.

The film recently scored a bunch of awards at the 2006 Korean Film Awards. Some are more obvious -- it's no surprise that the daylight effects of the water monster scored the film accolades for Best Special Effects, which go along with some of the other technical awards like Best Sound Effects, Best Lighting and Best Cinematography. However, that's not all! The hungry tadpole also scored Best Picture and Best Director. Yes, a horror film slid into Korea's top spot.

Times like this kind of make me wish that the film industry hadn't evolved to its current system. Beyond random blips like My Cousin Vinny, the top honors are over-run with drama, history and social commentary. I can appreciate that all well and good, but it wouldn't hurt to throw some slaughtering tadpoles into the mix. If you follow the "Read" link, you can see the current trailer for the film, which plans to hit theaters on January 29 for a limited release. Keep in mind that although the movie takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, it's not half as serious as the trailer suggests.
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