Very little surprises me when it comes to the world of cinema. It isn't that I'm a particularly well-connected fellow, or even particularly aware of the industry outside of my little geek bubble; it is simply that I more or less expect everything to be possible when it comes to this industry. When you realize nothing is off-limits and everything is in-play, it is hard to be caught off guard, right? But every now and then something pokes through my defenses and makes me mutter a serious "what the...?" So bemused was I by this information, I immediately shared it with the only geek friend of mine who was online at the moment, simply to take in his reaction, and it was exactly the same as my own. Ready for this?

Warner Bros. is apparently considering a sequel to V For Vendetta. Weird, right? Without any of the principle cast/crew, they're talking direct-to-DVD. Somehow or another, the studio thinks the world wants a sequel to a movie which features the title character's prominent death scene as a major final plot point. Maybe we can follow the adventures of Evey as she heads off to the next stage in life, or perhaps the plot's events inspired a new man to take up the mask! Or maybe we can have a prequel! Everyone loves prequels, right? Seriously, how on earth is Warners going to spin this one to pull out a fresh plot?
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