After writing about the Tom Cruise/ Katie Holmes wedding for Cinematical's SmartGossip, I realized how many people wanted to hear more details and see more photos of the ceremony and events surrounding it. People magazine has published still photos of the happy couple, the cake-cutting, the guests, and so forth, but it's not quite the same as actual wedding video footage.

If you're one of those people who wish you could have seen the wedding firsthand, or at least through some secret hidden video cameras, now's your chance. Sort of. The creative crew over at Sims Gamer have posted "exclusive footage" of Sims Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as they marry in an Italian castle. I don't think the Sims footage is exactly like the real-life wedding must have been -- I didn't see any couch-jumping in the People photos -- but it surely catches the spirit of the event. And the simulated couple does look surprisingly like their celebrity counterparts. If you don't know much about The Sims game, the little thought bubbles sprouting from the characters' heads and other symbols may seem a bit foreign to you, but you can still enjoy the delightful (and hilarious) ceremony. I think I was more entertained thaI would have been by the actual ceremony; the clothes may not be Armani, but this ceremony was only two minutes long.

[via Moviefone]
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