We're not exactly sure where it came from -- it appears as if someone recorded this trailer while watching it play out in a theater. Bootleg baby! Someone get Dan Glickman on the phone, STAT! However, I know it's not playing in front of any American audiences, so perhaps you Brits can let us know if it's leaped into theaters over there. Whatever the case may be, an early trailer for Bean 2 (aka Mr. Bean's Holiday) has arrived on YouTube.

Yes, it's been 10 years since Bean last graced the big screen, but that doesn't mean he's lost his appeal, right? Um, right? In his latest bumbling adventure, Mr. Bean (as played by comedian Rowan Atkinson) travels to France on holiday and finds himself wrapped up in all kinds of hilarity -- culminating in video diaries taken during last May's Cannes Film Festival which, apparently, are accidentally screened at said fest. For those of you think this movie is a waste of time, keep in mind the last Bean flick (which didn't exactly impress, though I wound up watching it at least six or seven times for some odd reason -- damn you cable!) grossed $240 million worldwide. Why did it take so long to make another one? Who knows, perhaps Atkinson likes to spread this stuff apart, one decade at a time. Unfortunately, for you Bean fans in the States, pic will be arriving here last on September 28, 2007 -- but folks in the UK will have a chance to feast on Bean six months earlier, as the film will debut there on March 30. Hey, and Canada gets it on March 23 -- what's up with that, eh?

[via JoBlo]