Oh Abel Ferrara, you crazy so-and-so. How I've loved your masterful, yet often flawed, visions of the dark side in films like King of New York, The Addiction and, of course, Bad Lieutenant. I even thought your attempt at Sci-Fi with Body Snatchers was, in many ways, superior to the earlier versions. Plus, the film had that super-cute Gabrielle Anwar in it so that didn't hurt either. She's so much more pleasant to look at than Harvey Keitel's junk -- so kudos on that casting decision.

Ferarra's movies have shown me the darker side of life and through his eyes I've gained a deeper appreciation for what makes the world the way it is -- warts and all. After all this exploration of the seedy underbelly, how was I to know that for all these years, what he really wanted to do was get away from all the "darker side of life" crap and make a screwball comedy? That's something I really didn't see coming. But apparently, according to Production Weekly, its true because as of Monday, Ferrara began principal photography on the film Go Go Tales -- which is, you guessed it, a screwball comedy.

The film, which Ferrara also co-wrote with Scott Pardo, tells the story of one night at Ray Ruby's Paradise, a classy go-go club/ cabaret in Manhattan where dreamers come to dream and try to make their mark in society. It's the home of the world's most beautiful and talented strippers, who work at the club honing their skills and waiting for their shot at super-stardom. Joining Ferarra on the project as actors in the film are Willem Dafoe as club owner Ray Ruby, Bob Hoskins, Matthew Modine and the lovely and talented Asia Argento. Man, as much as I like Ferrara and respect his talent, he just doesn't quite fit as the director of a comedy. That said, I like the man's previous films, this story, and the cast -- so put it all together and it might just add up to something. Besides, Abel Ferrara and a bevy of hot strippers should at least pique your curiosity, don't you think?

The film will shoot for a month at Rome's Cinecitta Studios and then will move to New York in January.
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