Geek news I found while vicariously enjoying video games:
  • Tobey Maguire, loved by all. See him dressed in black on the new cover of Empire Magazine. Is the Venom suit starting to win support among Spider-fans?
  • The talented Adam Hughes is apparently in some sort of deal to do costume design work for Watchmen. When exactly this is happening, I'm not sure, but it seems like a good bit of news. Credit SHH for the tipster news.
  • Eragon's Ed Speelers loves friendship, says Sci Fi Wire.
  • Want your 300 fix? Swing by the New York Times, waste some time registering for an account, and read their write-up on all the gore that'll be showcased in the film. As are most things associated with 300, it is well worth your time.
  • BOF always has some news. Today, they tell us The Dark Knight is being prepped at the Leavesden Film Studios near London. Warner Brothers, Batman's daddy, loves this location.
  • Our very own Chris Ullrich is all over the Superman pizza news. And really, who can blame him? The man loves his pizza.
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