I admit a severe and often debilitating weakness for pizza. Really, it borders on obsession sometimes. I love it so much, in fact, I'm pretty sure I would be content to eat it almost every day. And now, according to the folks over at Comic Book Movie, I stand to gain more than just weight by catering to my pizza habit because Warner Bros. and Papa Johns are teaming up this holiday season to offer customers an exclusive deal on the Superman Returns DVD.

Starting November 28th, Papa Johns' customers can purchase the new Superman Pan Pizza and while they last, all orders will include a $3 off coupon for the just-released Superman Returns DVD. Papa John's will kick off its Superman Returns promotion on the 28th with a launch event taking place in Metropolis, IL -- the adopted home of Superman.

Residents of Metropolis (and guests) in attendance at the event will get free Superman Pan Pizzas and in addition, actress Noel Neill -- who played intrepid reporter Lois Lane in the Adventures of Superman TV series opposite George Reeves -- will be on hand to kick off the festivities and devour the first slice. But wait, there's more! Attendees will also receive a free copy of the Superman Returns DVD (while supplies last). So, free pizza, free DVDs and the chance to meet Lois Lane -- not a bad combo. If I lived even remotely close to Metropolis, IL, I would definitely consider going. Sadly, unlike Superman, I can barely travel faster than a speeding ticket.
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