We Sawfans know the drill by now: Theatrical release in late October / DVD release in February / uncut special edition DVD release in October ... just in time to commemorate the theatrical release of the newest addition to the series. It's a cycle we've grown accustomed to and comfortable with -- and now Lionsgate has to go and jumble things around. But this is actually good news! I think...

According to DavisDVD.com, Lionsgate will release the Saw 3 DVD on January 27 -- yes, less than three full months removed from the (rather successful) theatrical release. OK, so the DVD hits a few weeks early, big deal. But wait, there's more! Seems that LG won't be waiting until October to give its loyal gorehounds the uncut ickiness they really crave: Hitting video stores right next to the Saw 3 theatrical cut will be 5-minute-longer uncut edition! Yay, we get our extra splatters a full ten months early!

Extras will include three separate audio commentaries, a few deleted scenes, three featurettes, some trailers and other assorted doo-dads. (And I'd really love to see the disparity in sales between the R-rated cut and the unrated version; I can't imagine the Sawgeek who'd choose to avoid the newly-added nastiness.)

Oh, and I'll still guarantee you that Lionsgate has something special planned for next October when Saw 4 hits the multiplexes. Perhaps a 5-disc Saw trilogy box set that includes a Dina Meyer action figure with retractable rib cage??
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