Before we get started today, I want to mention the passing of Dave Cockrum this past weekend. Dave was a talented, familiar comic book artist who spent some time working with Superboy and The Legion of Superheroes at DC, and did amazing work on Uncanny and Giant Sized for Marvel. The family asks you not to call, but provides the following email address for those of you who wish to offer condolences:

It has been, well, years really, since I last picked up and read any of the Star Wars Extended Universe novels. Admittedly, I'm more than a touch behind, as I stopped reading somewhere in NJO and haven't caught up to anything new since my sophomore year of college. However, when standing in the middle of my study surveying my bookcases for something to occupy my lunch break a week or so back, I found myself picking up the first of Michael J. Stackpole's X-Wing series. As always, I enjoyed it tremendously; perhaps more so because it had been a number of years since I'd last visited. Currently, I'm in the middle of Aaron Allston's Wraith Squadron, and am planning to hit a selection of other New Republic era novels to get my space legs going before diving back into the NJO from Vector Prime. Honestly, the past several years of new Star Wars movies had soured me to the point I'd almost forgotten how much I love this universe. (Please note, there is also a lot of abject crap in the Extended Universe, and probably as many books which should be ignored as there are which should be read. I should know, I own most of them.) so all this rekindled geek literature love, combined with my insane desire for a Jedi game on the Wii, has driven my thoughts towards a galaxy far, far away. As George Lucas and company gear up for their TV series set between eps three and four, I find myself wishing I could control the direction of the franchise. What do I want?
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