Here's what happens when you sell not only your movie, but your title: A distributor can take some completely unrelated flick and decide to slap that title in front of it and voila, you get a previously-reported, curious-looking direct-to-video title called Open Water 2: Adrift, which was actually known as simply Adrift before someone at Lionsgate realized, hey, both movies deal with shark attacks -- and of course there'll never be a "true" sequel to Open Water (for painfully obvious reasons) -- so why not snatch the flick up and release it stateside as a sequel!?!?!? Americans LOVE sequels!

Ah, and both movies are based on actual events. Here's what goes down in the sequel: A group of reunion-ing high-school pals decide to leap off the side of a yacht ... but nobody remembered to lower that silly ladder! Which means they can't get back on the boat ... at all! And if that's not weirdly tragic enough, one of the ill-fated bathers left a baby on board the boat! Alone! (Y'know, actually, this sounds like a pretty cool movie...)

Be that as it may, it's hardly an actual sequel to Open Water, although given the similarities, I guess I can't blame Lionsgate for the canny marketing move. Although it was released theatrically overseas, Open Water 2: Adrift debuts in North American video stores on February 20.

[Thanks to DavisDVD for the tip and the pic.]
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