Short films don't have much of a chance in a world of long features. While an animated short like For the Birds might get play beforeMonsters Inc., there are innumerable films that never get seen by the general public. Every time I go to a short film festival, I sigh at all the great films I will never have a chance to watch again. However, there are two guys, namely Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt, who have done something about it. This year marks the third travelling collection of animated shorts aptly named: The Animation Show.

Since 2003, the show travels through the US to display a compilation of the world's best animated shorts. Cartoon Brew has reported that the line-up of films and touring schedule have been released. While the list of cities is microscopic compared to feature releases, they do span the country, having shows from Seattle and Los Angeles to Atlanta and New York. What is not sparse, however, is the film lineup.

I've only seen one of the films, the beautiful short by Gaëlle Denis called City Paradise, which offers a mix of live action and animation. It is one of my favorite shorts of the year, as it tells the tale of Tomoko, a girl who moves to London from Japan and discovers a secret city among the concrete, London landscape. The rest of the lineup features Rabbit, Everything Will Be Ok, Collision, 9, Eaux Forte, Overtime, Dreams and Desires, and Game Over. The show will be on tour from January to March, so times-a-ticking if you want to see some good short films.
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