From the very beginning I was really behind this project: A comedy (from the man behind Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared) based on a rather amusing story called Babysitting (which you can still hear on This American Life) about a bunch of kids who get stuck in a snowed-in airport during Christmas Eve -- sounds pretty promising, right? And then I heard that folks like Paget Brewster, Jessica Walter, B.J. Novak, David Koechner, Tony Hale, Lewis Black and Rob Corddry were among the "grown-up" cast members, and my enthusiasm for the movie doubled in a heartbeat.

And then I watched this trailer. If you can watch this thing and not think "Home Alone Times Six," then you've probably never seen Home Alone three times like I have.

Now, maybe I'm just a victim of overzealous and misleading advertising ... but this movie looks like a 12-ton migraine of monumental proportions! And the jokes! How about a nice overlong belllllch or that reliable old "ouch that high-five secretly really hurt!" grimace? Some little brat punching Santa in the belly? A kid comically choking on an inflatable life-jacket? The air-duct ceiling-crash cribbed from The Breakfast Club? Silly dancing, slapstick security guards and a kid inside a suitcase being bashed around the room?? What the hell is going on here?

Of course this sort of simplistic physical schtick is by no means a surprise ... if we were talking about someone like Brian Levant or Don Rhymer or (dear lord) Steve Carr, but from Paul Feig? The guy who put so much heart and soul and warmth (AND comedy) into Freaks & Geeks AND Undeclared? And directed episodes of The Office and Arrested Development?? Ugh, how disappointing. I guess the Nielsen ratings on both of his babies taught Paul Feig an important lesson: Heart doesn't sell -- and fart does.

Anyway, here's where you can check out the trailer and one specific scene from the flick, and here's the official site for those who enjoy picking through character bios, photo galleries, video interviews and production notes. Of course I'm still quite interested in seeing the movie, and obviously I'll give the thing a perfectly fair shake, but based on this trailer ... I'm just pretty much stunned.
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