It can sometimes be a battle to get a book onto the big screen -- if you want to see just how ugly it can get, I highly recommend The Devil's Candy: The Anatomy of a Hollywood Fiasco. Juan Chang's Wild Swans: Three Daughters Of China was published over 14 years ago, but is finally making the transition to film.

Variety announced that Portobello Pictures have purchased the film rights to Juan Chang's award winning book. Chang chronicles the political and social changes in China through the personal stories of her mother, grandmother, and herself. Portobello Pictures' Eric Abraham acquired the rights with Christopher Hampton on board to write the screenplay. In the book, Chang's family stories are part of some of the most violent moments in China before, during, and after Mao Zedong.

Abraham plans to make the film in Chinese -- which can sometimes scare off North American audiences, even though the book was written in English. Chang has a personal connection to Abraham, which might explain why after all of these years she was finally willing to sell the rights. It's a dense book full of detail and history that might be hard to fit into one film. Abraham promises that while the film might be epic in scale, he would like to have the film ready for a 2008 release. We've already waited 14 years, what's one more?
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