Borat went through a lot to woo the buxom Pamela Anderson. He travelled across the country, leaving a wake of angry bystanders, all to come face-to-face with his new-found love, the Baywatch lady herself. He survived rodeo-loving Patriots, passionate Chris tians and even drunken frat boys. Now, after all of that struggle, he has a shot at the jackpot! The crazy Kazakhstanian is rumored to have been the wedge between Anderson and Kid Rock.

As the story goes, the couple went to a private screening of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan by Ron Meyer. This was the first time that Rock had seen the movie, and to say he was displeased would be a massive understatement. Insiders told The New York Post that Kid berated his wife for her participation in the film. Pamela, who was apparently in on the gag from the beginning, found her night dashed by her new husband's reaction. Shocked that she would participate with Sacha Baron Cohen in the film, he reportedly called her a whore and slut for doing so. Since the outburst, the romance between the couple has cooled and now they're getting divorced.

Come on, Kid Rock -- if reports are true, you are one very strange man. You marry a woman who has made a name for herself as a sexual icon, one who has had her sexual life exploited at every turn, both by herself and by others, yet you call her sexually offensive names for being an object of attraction in a ludicrous comedy fuelled by social commentary? Because she chose to have fun with the name she made for herself? Bah!

[via CBS ShowBuzz]
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