I used to like Lindsay Lohan. Sometimes, I wonder if my praise was her kiss of death, as I have a tendency to be attracted to doomed things. Just when I started to describe her as real and talented, she became a wild party girl choosing crappy roles. Although she was better-received for her role in A Prairie Home Companion, it's still the first film after Herbie Fully Loaded. And, let's not forget the recent letter she wrote about Robert Altman in all of its "adequite" goodness, which reminds me of a time when a certain Avril Lavigne called David Bowie "B-OW-EE."

And now, I am tense with anxiety as I gear up to share a new rumor floating around the film world. Lindsay Lohan might produce and star in a movie about Stevie Nicks. While anything is possible, especially since they have similar features, and she could potentially shock the pants off me with a great performance, the thought of her trying to embody the lady wrapped in black chiffon seems comparable to Rob Schneider taking on the role of Robert Plant. To me, Nicks just has that aura of strength and power. Whether smiling or scowling, there's that interesting sense of something boiling under the surface. Lohan's smile and look seem too linked to Disney films and "innocence."

What might be more promising is the rumor attached to it -- that Jared Leto would co-star. This could just be wishful thinking stemming from the rumors of a Leto-Lohan tryst, but it's not a stretch to see him as Lindsey Buckingham. He has done a good job of morphing into different roles, and has vocal talents. Furthermore, he and Lohan worked together in the upcoming Chapter 27. But could Lohan BE Stevie Nicks, or would it just be her with bleached hair?

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