Geek news I found while pausing from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance:
  • Want to see Spider-Man 3 before all of your friends? Swing by Charity Folks and be the envy of your entire neighborhood by bidding on two tickets to the world premiere of the third Spidey flick. You'll also get your photo taken with Tobey Mcguire, which you can hang on your wall to make all your friends swoon. That's worth a few thousand dollars, right? (via Comic Book Movie)
  • Curious about what Neil Gamain's doing about his Stardustmovie? Ask him yourself, at He'll answer a whopping five questions a month, so you'd better be persistent if you want to get a response. I recommend sending at least 100 emails per day with the exact same question. He'll love it, I promise.
  • Captain Jack is huge in Britain!
  • Marvel has a lot to show you in anticipation of the DVD release of The Invincible Iron Man, their direct-to-DVD animated feature. Is it cartoon? Yes. Is it Marvel? Yes. This probably means it'll be fun to watch.
  • Alien Experience shares a bit of an update onAlien Versus Predator 2. Here's to hoping it is a vast improvement over the first attempt. But honestly, how can it not be? We could film plush dolls of the various characters in silent black and white and put together a better flick.
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