Look, I like Martin Lawrence. I like him as a stand-up comedian and I like him as an actor -- but I absolutely hate the roles he takes on. He sort of reminds me of Eddie Murphy in that both men have made some great little flicks (Bad Boys for Lawrence and Beverly Hills Cop for Murphy), but then somehow found themselves climbing out of a deep hole filled with crap. In fact, the two even starred in one such "winner" -- remember Life? Ugh.

I've always wanted to see Lawrence grow up a bit, take on a role that's not so silly and ridiculous, while adding a nice touch of heart in at the end. Well, his next project may just make all my Martin Lawrence wishes come true. Universal Pictures has attached Lawrence to star in The Better Man, with Malcolm Lee (Roll Bounce) set to direct. Pic revolves around a popular syndicated talkshow host who, after attending his parents 50th anniversary alongside his famous wife, begins to ponder whether he's getting the most out of life. It appears Lee agrees with me, as he goes on to say: "There's emotion and pathos here that give Martin a chance to display more layers than usual." Yes! Give us that! Get out of the fat suit for God's sake and take on a real role. The Better Man will be produced by Scott Stuber and Mary Parent, and will go into production this March.

What do you think of Martin Lawrence? Has he shown us all his cards, or do you feel he still has a few surprises left up his sleeves?

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