Though he's a busy man as of late, director Todd Phillips still hasn't committed to his next helming gig. Supposedly, he's been working on a script for Old School Dos, a sequel to the hit 2003 comedy, but recent rumors suggest his all-star cast might not be interested in reprising their roles. His last two pics, School for Scoundrels and Starsky & Hutch, weren't all that great, even though the latter wound up taking in a hefty $88 million at the box office. However, that flick was based on a familiar property and had Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to help beef up interest. Scoundrels, well, tanked. Badly. Real badly.

Yet, Phillips still intends to hang onto his roots and, according to Variety, wants to continue to make silly buddy flicks until something finally clicks. Unfortunately, that something clicked awhile ago and now it seems as if he's firing empty rounds toward an audience who's somewhat tired of random Ben Stiller cameos. Phillips has just attached himself as producer to The Fix Up, a comedy he might also direct. Could The Fix Up, um, fix up his career and get it back on track? Only time will tell. Story follows some average dude who is falsely accused of a crime, and when a government agent vows to correct the situation, the two embark on some sort of road adventure.

Script was originally written by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (the duo behind the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother) and bought by Warner Bros. two years ago. Now, the studio has brought on Michael Colton and John Aboud to fix The Fix Up and transform it into the greatest comedy ever created. Right on!

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