Poor Garth Ennis has been teased, courted and kicked to the curb for years as various directors, actors and studios have expressed interest in his Preacher comic book line from the mid-late nineties, only to ultimately decide they don't actually want it. I've only been writing for Cinematical for a year now and I've already seen it come up at least twice in my tenure alone. For awhile there it looked like a film may have actually been on track (with View Askew set to produce it at one point or another), but back in May a crazy rumor popped up suggesting the project was again dead in the water, and since then we've heard very little from the Preacher camp.

The rumor suggested that while cinema had defeated Garth Ennis yet again, the man was not yet done fighting. Someone at HBO had expressed interest in the project -- but so many people have "expressed interest" in Preacher it hardly seems worth noting anymore. Well today, official news is out, and HBO does want the project. They're putting together a one hour series based on the comics with (*chuckle*) Mark Steven Johnson of Ghost Rider and Daredevil attached to write at least the pilot. So fans, you got denied a movie yet again, but you're staring down the possibility of many, many hours of Preacher in a format which would seem to be a very good fit.

Yeah, I know. We'll believe it when we see it.
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