Seth Rogen. My earliest memory of Rogen had been his scene-stealing performance in The 40 Year-Old Virgin, until I looked at his resume -- he's had a lot of work over the years. There are roles in two great, yet ill-fated television shows, a stint as a bully in Donnie Darko, and time as the eager cameraman in Anchorman. Behind the scenes, Rogen even received an Emmy nod as part of the staff of Da Ali G Show.

Since then, the man has been up to his eyeballs as an executive producer, screenplay collaborator and actor. Now, Variety has announced that Columbia Pictures has attained the rights and recruited David Gordon Green to direct The Pineapple Express, written by Rogen and oft-writing partner Evan Goldberg. The comedy, which is about a pair of friends who get involved in a drug gang, will star Rogen, along with his old geek-co-star-turned-goblin, James Franco. Joined by Judd Apatow and Shauna Robertson as producers, the film is set to enter production next year. According to Green, the project will give him a chance to "plant an absurd buddy comedy in a rough-and-tumble action movie."

It seems like these days, post-SNL collaborations are out, and post-Freaks and Geeks and Ali G collaborations are in. Rogen teamed with Apatow in Freaks, followed him to Undeclared, then teamed up with Goldberg on Ali G, acted with Apatow in Anchorman before again following him to Virgin. Now all three have teamed up in Superbad and Pineapple -- you get the picture. I can only hope that they continue to go strong, and don't beat themes to death until we wish they would fade away.

*EDIT: Thanks go to Chris for noticing and pointing out that it isn't "Rogan," but "Rogen"!
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