Hugo Weaving is probably most famous (or infamous, if you prefer) for playing the iconic agent Smith in The Matrixand its sequels -- at least that's where I first became aware of him. His portrayal of the single-mindedly evil agent was one of the best things about the movies (other than Carrie-Anne Moss in PVC outfits) and helped make them as great as they were. Well, at least the first one was great -- the others are a topic for a different post.

Other than the Matrix films, Weaving has shown his diversity and distinguished himself in a variety of different and challenging roles including elf leader Elrond in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, freedom fighter V in V for Vendettaand as drag queen Mitzi del Bra in the bawdy hit Priscilla, Queen of the Desert -- opposite the great Terrence Stamp. Now, according to our good friends at Production Weekly, Weaving is set to star in a new film that will certainly add to his already diverse and impressive repertoire.

Weaving, along with Matt Le Nevez and super-cute Rose Byrne, will play the three leads in first-time feature writer/director Johnathan Ogilvie's film noir drama The Tender Hook. The film, set in stylish Sydney of the 1920s, tells the story of a young woman's struggle to find true love amidst the morally ambiguous and often corrupt world of boxing where people fight both inside and outside of the ring to find their way. As I'm a big fan of this kind of noir thriller, this film sounds like it will be worth checking out. Plus, Weaving is really good at picking roles in interesting and successful projects -- so if he's in it, there must be something to it. Shooting on The Tender Hook is scheduled to start February 9th in Sydney.
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