Considering the negative buzz revolving around Clooney's upcoming role in The Good German, it's probably a good thing that he's already got a few crime-filled films on the horizon for fans to look forward to, joining Burn After Reading and Leatherheads, for 2008. Personally, I think he needs a little more Killer Tomatoes in his life, but I realize that's just me.

First, Clooney's set to produce and star in the previously-reportedJoe Carnahan film, White Jazz for Warner Independent. If you're not familiar with the title, it's the fourth in James Ellroy's crime quartet which include the recently released The Black Dahlia, the seems-to-be-going-nowhere The Big Nowhere, and the acclaimed hit, LA Confidential. Starring as the corrupt police lieutenant means Clooney is Lieutenant David Klein, and according to Wikipedia, it was once a role for Nick Nolte in a version that never made it out of development hell.

Second, he's teaming up with Jerry Weintraub again to direct Belmont Boys. The plot: Thirty years after seven thieves failed to pull off their dream job, they get a chance to try again. Hmm. Weintraub swears this won't be an Ocean's rip-off, and that they're planning to have a long list of older stars take the leads. While it may have almost half the numbers of Twelve, it seems like a cut-and-dry cross between The Crew and the Ocean's franchise. The film has set locations through the US and Europe, so I assume that the older thieves have more mobility than their Crew predecessors. And, maybe this is just a warm-up for Ocean's 45, since they're already on their third sequel!
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