When we last checked in with He-Man, the blonde 80's superhero was hanging on by a thread -- no longer a master of the universe -- but more like a master of development hell. Fox 2000 had assigned screenwriter Adam Rifkin to pen a new draft, John Woo was still attached as a producer and Cinematical's resident geek Mark Beall couldn't care less. Here's a site tip for all you fanboys out there -- if Mark doesn't get excited about a film (and, trust me, 99% of the time this dude is ecstatic about everything and anything, except maybe Ghost Rider), then it's pretty safe to say the project is a dud.

Recently, Moviehole managed to sneak in a phone call with Fox 2000's Rodney Ferrell and -- He-Man fans might want to close their eyes for this one -- he told them the studio had abandoned the film, giving the project back to Mattel. Wait, so does this mean we don't get to see a shirtless Paul Walker or Triple H battle a horrific looking CGI-created version of Skeletor? Would it be wrong for me to call up Mr. Ferrell and tell him his next drink is on me? However (and please note that a gigantic question mark should be wrapped around the following sentence), there's a chance Mattel may still be interested in a He-Man film, and that John Woo could still be involved in some capacity -- but they will have to find someone else stupid enough to help produce and distribute. Man, where's Dolph Lundgren -- I think I need to be hugged.

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