Unlike many of the top wage earner's I just wrote about, Meryl Streep never really worked her way up. From her second film, Deer Hunter, she jumped into a little Manhattan , and within two years of her media debut, which was a film theatrical performance of Secret Service, she won an Oscar for Kramer vs. Kramer. Although she occasionally does something quirky like Death Becomes Her, she's always still Meryl, and always an acting powerhouse. I mean, would The Devil Wears Prada be as successful as it was without her?

It's just been announced that she's joining the cast of Rendition. You might remember the film from Matt Bradshaw's post about Reese Witherspoon starring, or when Erik Davis talked about the male leads -- Jake Gyllenhaal and my favourite SNL host, Peter Sarsgaard. Being directed by Tsotsi head Gavin Hood, the film has Gyllenhaal playing the CIA analyst who discovers a foreigner being questionably questioned by Egyptian secret police in Cairo . Witherspoon is the detainee's wife, and who is Sarsgaard? I don't think it's a wild guess to think he won't be the Egyptian-born man under interrogation.

As for Streep, well, she's the government official who orders the rendition, or extradition, of the national. I'm not sure how this will all fit together. According to Matt's post, the American, Witherspoon's Egyptian-born chemical engineer husband, is sent off after being deemed a political prisoner. So, is she the one that orders him off, or the one who tries to bring him back? Either way, it looks to be an interesting film.

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