Although it may not be quite as famous as the Batmobile, the Fantasticar is truly one of the greatest and most well-known rides in comic book-dom, particularly among Marvel geeks. Granted, it has at times looked like a flying bathtub, but it is still one fantastic machine. If you read the Fantastic Four or even just Marvel comics in general, you probably adore the Fantasticar, right? And you were probably more than a bit excited (and nervous) when Tim Story announced he'd be incorporating it into The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Well, True Believers, the moment is upon us, and Tim Story has shared the first official look at the Fantasticar. It doesn't look like a flying bathtub, which is probably for the best. But it does have a very classic, soft look about it -- intentionally so, apparently. Story was quite adamant about keeping the vehicle less aggressive looking than many of the early designs he was presented with. I've got to say, I'm actually impressed with it. Details say it'll fly around 500 mph at 30,000 feet and will feature smaller breakaway vehicles, so somebody is doing a decent job of keeping it comic book accurate. Swing by USA Today and let me know what you think of the picture -- amusingly, Ben Grimm is the only one not shown.
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