Ok, you're Tom Cruise. You have a "religion" you're devoted to which gives your life purpose, tons of money, a huge amount of success, you know quite a bit about pharmacology and mental health issues, you have a new baby and a pretty hot wife who just married you at a gigantic wedding in a picturesque Italian city attended by almost anyone who is anyone in Hollywood (except Oprah and a few other non-believers). In other words, you have everything you could ever want in life. So, with all those things, what could you possibly need or want to do next? Why, make a record of course!

Yes, its true -- at least according to a recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald(via Blowing Smoke), Cruise has decided he wants to record and release a rendition of The Righteous Bothers' You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling with new wife Katie Holmes. The idea reportedly came to him after he serenaded Holmes with the song at their recent wedding. According to sources at the wedding, Cruise has a pretty good voice and so does his wife (proven by her vocal performance in the remake of The Singing Detective) so the idea isn't out of the realm of possibility -- especially with all the high-powered record producer types who were in attendance.

Apparently, after Cruise finished singing and proposed the idea of recording the duet, he and his new bride were inundated with offers of huge sums of money for the exclusive rights -- and at his wedding too. Tacky. But really, what do you expect from record industry execs anyway? So, with all the attention and deals on the table, why hasn't this all moved forward and why are we not downloading this sure-to-be-fantastic recording right now via iTunes? One reason: Scientology. Cruise's obsession with and devotion to the late L. Ron Hubbard's creation apparently is too "bizarre" for record industry execs and they're concerned about its impact on sales. Cruise, however, is adamant that his religion isn't "bizarre" and won't be a problem because, according to a source at the wedding, "the song is a symbol of their love and Scientology is a basis for their companionship." Yeah, that doesn't sound bizarre at all.

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