Goodbye, Julia Roberts! After grabbing the top money-earning spot for the fourth time last year, she's been axed by Oscar winner Nicole Kidman on Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Power 100 issue, which will be published on December 5. Her bankroll -- up to $17 million a movie. That's not bad for a woman whose first film was BMX Bandits! With three films slated for 2007, as well as Headhunters for 2008, Kidman may just be in for repeat money honors herself.

Not surprisingly, Reese Witherspoon came in second with $15 million a film, and could be on her way to the top spot herself. She's only got $2 million to go, and with an Oscar for Walk the Line and no less-earning husband to keep her down, she might explode monetarily. She's followed by Renee Zellweger, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz respectively, each of whom also makes $15 million. I assume that their lack of film work in 2006 is what places them below Witherspoon, although they all have the same pay. The rest of the list contains Halle Berry at $14 million, Charlize Theron at $10 million, Angelina Jolie at $10 million, Kirsten Dunst at $8-$10 million, and Jennifer Aniston with $8 million.

Who will be the big earners of tomorrow? Taking a look at this list, there are a lot of women with terrible or guilty-pleasure films -- My Boyfriend's Back, The Program, Children of the Corn III. My top pick would be Amy Adams. She's already gone from crappy comedies to Oscar nominee, so Marvel Ann might just make it to the top. What women do you think will be in the next wave of top-earners?

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