Ready for this one my dear Cinematical readers? Apparently, the folks running Chicago's German Christkindlmarket this year have decided to drop New Line as a sponsor because they're afraid advertisements for The Nativity Story will offend non-Christians. WTF? Oh yes, a festival that has the word 'Christ' in its name refuses to have anything to do with a movie about the dude's birthday. This is the same event that kicks off its month-long festivities with a "holiday" tree lighting ceremony presented by the one and only Christmas Fairy. No, it's not a Christmas tree, it's a Holiday tree -- and the Christmas Fairy just happened to show up because Chanukah Harry was too busy that day. Right? Not for nothing, but something tells me the PC Fairy showed up a bit early, high as a kite. And, personally, I'd love to ask the PC Fairy two questions: What are you on and can I have some please?

The entire situation was perfectly summed up by a rep from New Line, who said, "We don't understand why our sponsorship would be rejected for religious reasons, particularly considering the fact that our film details the story that inspired the holiday season that the Christkindlmarket was created to celebrate." Can I get an Amen to that! I mean, how much harm can a movie poster cause? I assume New Line wasn't going to set up a booth and use some of its staff to re-create the birth of Jesus -- although something like that would have been fun to watch. Besides, anyone who attends a Christmas-themed festival and complains about an advertisement for The Nativity Story should lay off the egg nog, put down the American Express card and look up the word 'moron' in the dictionary -- because there's a good chance their picture would be right there beside its definition.

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