I have to admit, putting the heading of "From the Producers of Underworld" at the top of a movie poster pretty much makes me want to run in the other direction -- I wasn't exactly a big fan of the star-crossed vampire and werewolf franchise. So, I wasn't off to the best start with the release of the one-sheet for Ehren Kruger's werewolf love story Blood and Chocolate. ComingSoon.net has our first look at the poster for Katja von Garnier's romantic thriller. A teen werewolf (Agnes Bruckner) falls for a human (Hugh Dancy) with the usual Romeo and Juliet trajectory I would expect. Although, this is a PG-13 teen movie, so you never know, a happy ending might be in order.

As for the poster itself, there is not much to it except Bruckner is probably one of the prettier werewolves I've seen in awhile. Although, if you take a look at the "spooky" reflection, I couldn't help but notice that Bruckner looks a bit too much like Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. There is no trailer to speak of yet, but the film is set to open this January, so one should be along shortly. The film is aiming for a pretty empty time in the 2007 release schedule, so it should do just fine at the box-office, providing there isn't much competition.
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