Fresh off a pretty respectable performance in Hollywoodland, Kathleen Robertson has signed to star in the indie-thriller Player 5150. Robertson has climbed her way up from being a bad girl on Beverley Hills, 90210, through some regrettable film choices, but has managed to make successively better films each time out. Robertson also produces and stars inThe Business for IFC, so there's no denying that she has come a long way from when I first saw her tempting Brandon Walsh, college man -- yeah, I watched way too much 90210 back then.

Variety announced that Robertson had signed on to the David Michael O'Neill film currently shooting in Los Angeles. The film follows a day trader and his fiancée who get caught up in high stakes gambling. The film also star's Ethan Embry -- who you might recognize from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, or maybe from reports of the actor being robbed at gunpoint and even waving around a gun of his own. Who knows? The news of the actor firing a gun at muggers might even give the movie a little boost of press. There is no word of release date but one of the many blessings of independent productions is that they tend to run a pretty tight ship, so we probably won't have to wait long to find out.

[via Empire Online]
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