Seriously, do I really need to say any more about Hot Fuzz? Everyone here at Cinematical has been dying to see this flick, and I imagine I will have to literally fight Scott Weinberg in some sort of hand-to-hand battle, using the crappiest DVD boxes in our collections as weapons, for a chance to review the pic once it finally hits theaters on March 9. And damn those Brits who get to see it on February 16, as that's when the film slides into UK theaters.

For those of you completely out of the loop (how dare you not know about this film), Hot Fuzz is Edgar Wright's follow-up to the unbelievably awesome Shaun of the Dead. Wright once again enlists the help of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to head up what looks to be (and the key word here is 'looks') one helluva action comedy -- perhaps the best in recent years. To accompany the two teaser trailers we told you about in October, the numerous video blogs and the film's official website -- Hot Fuzz now has a full-length trailer for all of you to dive right into. After watching said trailer, you'll notice other familiar faces like Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy and -- wait a minute -- was that Stephen Merchant in a cameo role? Check it out and let us know what you think.