Geek news I found while packing spices for a weekend cooking trip:
  • Oh baby, is there a lot of news about The Punisher's extended DVD at Newsarama. Read it all here, but be warned, if you're a Marvel fan it is going to make you want to shell out some extra bucks for the DVD. I, personally, am very excited to have a look at it.
  • For those among us who like reading novelizations for their favorite movies, you can pre-order your copy of Spider-Man 3, the movie novelization, at Amazon. The only movie novels I tend to read are the Star Wars ones, but I'm sure the Spidey books are fun, too.
  • Guillermo Del Toro answers some questions at EW. In his fanboy dreams, he wants to cast Bruce Campbell for a role in Hellboy 2. While this is admittedly unlikely to ever occur (at least for more than a cameo), it still makes Del Toro all the more awesome.
  • Neat looking storyboards from a deleted X3 scene. Really, they look like a lot of the rest of the movie -- cars flying through the air, people with shocked expressions on their faces, and things breaking into pieces. If I had to title the flick, I would have given it the same subtitle my friends and I bestowed on the X-Men: Legends video games ... X-Men 3: X-Men Break Your Stuff.
  • Hey, Ghost Rider minimates are coming. These toys promise to "deliver all the action-packed excitement of the film with every 2 inch figure." I know that's supposed to suggest the figures will be packed with action, but I can't help but interpret it to say "there's so little action in this film, we could fit it in two inches."
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