As hard as it sometimes is to admit, I was one of those drama club kids back in high school. Yes, for four years, I took part in those high school productions, dealt with abuse from my friends on the baseball team and tried desperately to win a date with the cute actress/cheerleader who sat next to me. Of course, that date never happened -- and so Erik was forced to memorize lines from a number of plays and perform them on stage in front of lots of people. Since I'm a comedy guy, nine times out of ten I was doing something by Neil Simon, my hero.

For anyone who has ever taken drama in high school, you're probably familiar with the over-achiever -- the one girl or guy who feels they are destined to make it to Broadway or Hollywood, whichever came knocking on their door first. These are the people who land the lead part in every play or musical and have their picture planted in a thousand different places within the school's yearbook. They are determined to become a star. This person is the main character in a new film from New Line, which is being produced by David O. Russell and Jason Blum. It's All About Me follows a high school student in the drama department who will do anything and everything to become famous. Russell, who helmed Three Kings,I Heart Huckabees and the very odd Spanking the Monkey, is currently in pre-production on The H-Man Cometh, starring Vince Vaughn and Elizabeth Banks. No word yet on whether he will also step into the director's chair for this pic, but odds are he will only produce. Script is being written by actress-scribe Jenna Lamia and, if it goes the Election route, this one could be pretty funny.

Any horrific drama department memories you wish would just go away?

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